Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Who are these guys?

Where was tonight's starting line-up of the Boston Red Sox playing at the start of this season.

1. Coco Crisp: Boston Red Sox starting CF
2. Alex Cora: Boston Red Sox bench player
3. Mark Loretta: Boston Red Sox starting 2B
4. Kevin Youkilis: Boston Red Sox starting 1B
5. Eric Hinske: Toronto Blue Jays bench player
6. Mike Lowell: Boston Red Sox starting 3B
7. Carlos Pena: released by the Detroit Tigers, signed minor league deal with NY Yankees
8. Doug Mirabelli: San Diego Padres backup catcher
9. Dustin Pedroia: Pawtucket Red Sox starting SS (AAA affiliate for the Red Sox)

So in tonight's game, the Sox are starting 4 of the original 9 players from Opening Day 2006. Missing are Jason Varitek (15 day DL), Trot Nixon (15 day DL), Manny Ramirez (day to day with a knee injury), Alex Gonzalez (15 day DL), and Big Papi (out indefinitely with heart abnormalities).

We are gonna need a miracle to catch the $198 million dollar Yankees but Sox fans its time to get out the old saying. "We Believe!"

Posted by beisbolct @ 10:29 PM

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The Yankies worth is only that much due to salaries. The Sox value far exceeds that based on the heart and soul of the fans!!

Posted by Blogger Lucie @ 12:01 AM #

I agree with the last part of your comment 100%

Posted by Blogger beisbolct @ 12:02 AM #
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