Sunday, August 20, 2006

Missing Persons Alert

MISSING: The Boston Red Sox. If found, please return to Fenway Park.

Posted by beisbolct @ 6:53 AM

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Tsk tsk.. A TRUE FAN is always suportive... Isnt that why they call it an Athletic supporter?? In the famous words of a true supporter.. "it could happen"...

Posted by Blogger Lucie @ 1:26 PM #

Lucie I implore you to read some Boston papers or find a Boston radio station on the internet. It's just not me. Its being called the "Son of a Massacre" in the Boston papers.

Posted by Blogger beisbolct @ 1:29 PM #

I understand the disappointment- as I also desire yet another World Series Champs year, but as for this fan, I will continue to cheer, encourage and support the efforts of Sox, I'll leave the critiquing to the 'sports experts' and analyist. I mean I've never worn a uniform and busted my butt to do my best and play in the heat, Im just a girl that wears her Boston Red Sox baseball cap and sees the glass half full.

Posted by Blogger Lucie @ 10:03 PM #

This team is in shambles. But there is some time left.

Posted by Blogger Sooze @ 1:54 PM #
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