Friday, August 04, 2006

Javy Lopez to the Red Sox

In a deal done today, Javy Lopez has been traded to the Red Sox for a mid-level minor league prospect. The only hold up with the deal right now is getting the player the Sox are trading thru the waiver wire.

With Jason Varitek going down for 4-6 weeks with knee surgery and the Red Sox trading Kelly Shoppach to the Indians in the Coco Crisp deal, really had no catching help to back up Doug "Wakefield" Mirabelli.

Lopez became expendable to the Orioles this year as they had signed Ramon Hernandez to a deal with the hopes of Javy DH'ing and occasionally spelling Hernandez. Javy was upset over the lack of playing time and had requested a trade. His request for a trade couldn't have come at a better time for the Red Sox. Since the Sox stood pat during the annual July trading deadline, and the recent injuries to Varitek and Nixon, a big chunk of the Sox line up was missing. Javy brings plenty of experience to the Sox being a part of most of the 15 straight NL East championships for the Atlanta Braves.

While Javy won't replace Varitek's leadership, he will give the Sox an ample replacement at catcher for time being. This will also take some pressure off Mirabelli when Wakefield returns from the DL to help the Sox in the stretch run to the playoffs.

Posted by beisbolct @ 1:00 AM