Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Former Jesus Returns to Boston

Well this is the day Sox fans have been waiting for...I am sure that May 1st has been circled on the schedules of the Sox Nation fans since Johnny Demon signed with the Yankees.

This is a pivotal early season series for both teams as they enter the game tomorrow night in a virtual tie for first place. Unfortunately for the Sox, the man who replaced Demon, Coco Crisp, is still out with a thumb injury suffered early on in the season...The Sox do hope to have him back for the next Yanks-Sox series.

It will be very interesting as to how the fans of Boston react to Mr. Demon returning. I am sure that you will see a good mixture of boos and cheers for him..I know if I were at the game then I would definitely be booing him.

Time for the Sox to step it up and regain first place after a not so good road trip to the Trop in St. Pete.

Posted by beisbolct @ 8:24 PM