Thursday, December 15, 2005

What a crock of crap!

I am going to stray from the sports and news of the weird posts tonight as I give my two cents on The Apprentice Finale tonight.

What a crock of shit Randall is? He had the chance to give Rebecca another chance and yet decided to steal the show tonight and say to a national tv audience that the show was about hiring one apprentice and not two.

To me this was the best Apprentice yet. The final two were both deserving and worthy candidates. Randall's background was exceptional as was Rebecca's. This season was entirely different then the others because Mr. Trump on more than one occasion fired more than one person at a time.

Anyways back to the ranting. I do believe that Randall was the better candidate for the job. But Rebecca proved herself strong overcoming a severely broken ankle at the beginning of the interview process. Randall also overcame adversity as his grandmother passed away during the first few weeks of the show. Randall's academic acheivements are incredible. The freakin dude has 5 degrees and was a Rhodes Scholar. He also runs 5 successful companies. Rebecca on the other hand is a financial journalist. Her academic acheivements are no where as strong as Randall's. She has also founded a nonprofit to help disenfranchised children. At 23 yrs old, she has done more than most people will do in their lifetime's.

What Randall did was selfish. This was not The Apprentice the "game" but rather The Apprentice the "job interview". I know in most job interviews there is only one position available. But a man with Donald Trump's extensive wealth, he has the ability to hire more than one apprentice. After he chose Randall, he brought him back to the table and asked him if he thought Rebecca was deserving as well. That is when Randall went into his rants and ravings. Instead of stepping up to the plate, Mr Trump sat back and said i agree but I could have been swayed. I dont fault Mr. Trump but rather Randall for being a selfish prick.

Mr. Trump, do the right thing and reward Rebecca for her hard work and efforts.

Posted by beisbolct @ 11:29 PM

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Why didn't he hire two apprentice when a white person was a winner ,their were other people who weren't choosen winners before and were better than what Rebecca had to offer,why when the blackman wins fair and true , they should take the spotlight from him,Mr Trump could have hired her but behind close doors which I think he would do,but DAMN him ,Trump,is as RACIAL as they gets,with all the knowledge Randal have ,he is still not Qualify to stand alone.We still feel that a blackman is not capable to carry this through and this here is a sad thing

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 2:24 PM #

I too feel that this was the best season of Apprentice, mostly because both candidates at the end would have been qualified to work there even without the TV show. And you never knew from week to week if it was one person or two or a wholoe team who was going to be fired. Randal had the opportunity to help someone else and chose not to- sucks, but why didn't Trump grow a pair and say "well, that's the first of many mistakes you'll make working for me."- And then go ahead and hire her. I mean, come on! She was well-qualified, smart, young, driven- all the things an Apprentice should be. I feel this is Trump's mistake not to hire her anyway- he relied too much on Randal to do the right thing. It's his friggin company! He could have done whatever he wanted! And it was in no way a racial issue- it was a business issue.

Posted by Blogger Me @ 3:59 PM #

it is definitely not a racial issue at all. donald trump is not a racist. it was a matter of hiring the best qualified candidate. in this case, the both were well qualified. as Me said, you never knew when Mr Trump was going fire more than one person. Remember the Dick's Sporting Goods episode where he fired 4 people at once. so why not shock the world and hire both.

Posted by Blogger beisbolct @ 10:38 AM #
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