Monday, November 28, 2005

The Art of Tailgating.....

One thing I can say about my friends is that they really know how to tailgate. Take this weekends UCONN-South Florida game for an example. First off, we were trying to get into the red lot behind our seats but for some strange reason we weren't allowed to go where we wanted to park. Of course that's probably because no one listened to me that we had to go in on the other side of Rentschler Field. So as we travelled the wrong way thru the parking lot at least once, we came upon an opportunity to sneak into the blue lot....So of course we did just that. Now in the history of the 3 years we have gone to the Rent, no one has checked our parking passes when we actually parked the cars....Of course sneaking in with 2 red passes and 1 blue presented us with a dilemma. Thank god for the nice people next to us, who just happened to have 2 extra blue passes...Also helps when you have two friends who work for liquor distributors who hooked the guys up with some flasks and peach brandy.....

Back to the art of tailgating.....Over the 3 years of tailgating at UCONN games, we have had our share of learning from our mistakes and from seeing others set ups. Usually during the week of the game, emails will go out and everyone will bring something..This way it doesn't put the financial burden on someone to pay for everything.

But at this Saturday's game, we were the talk of our section in the parking lot. First off you can't miss us because of the green HardiBacker tent. Secondly, when your with us you can't miss us because we tend to be a bit loud especially when ragging on our Iowa Hawkeye friend. So this week's menu was deep fried turkey, homemade stuffing and mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and of course gravy... Yes, thats right, we deep fried a turkey. For those of you who have never had deep fried turkey, I highly recommend it.. It is the best tasting turkey I have ever had (my compliments to Chef Scotty Lima). The turkey frying gathered everyone's attention. We had people coming over all the time asking what was in the fryer. When we told them it was a turkey no one believed us. I would have to think at least 50 people stopped by to see what we were doing....We even had one lady who was wearing her 1970's couch pattern as a jacket come over at least 3 times. Of course as always on the menu, was beer and various hard alcohols courtesy of our liquor distributor friends.

During the pregame festivites we were even fortunate to have the UCONN band play in front of where we were set up.... Nothing better than listening to a bunch of drunks try to sing the UCONN fight song....As the day wore on the weather grew colder and our group of 12 dwindled down to 4. Now if you were at the game, you would have found a way to suck it up and actually stay for the whole game as this was one of the best games we have seen all year at home.....

As i sit here and write this, I only wonder can we top this weekends tailgate next weekend when UCONN plays host to Louisville at 7:45 PM(games on espn if you can't join us in the parking lot).
Stay tuned for a post on the weekend to see if we play Top That Tailgate.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Do you want to be the Red Sox GM?

Any of you out there who are members of Red Sox Nation and think you can do a better job than Theo did as GM of the Red Sox. Well feel free to check out this online application to be the next Boston Red Sox GM. The good people at have brought you a chance to apply for the Red Sox GM position. According to the article, their holding company owns a 17 percent stake in the ownership of the Sox.

Of course I did apply online too after sending my resume to Larry Lucchino last Friday. I figured what the heck having my name in more than one spot may give the break I am looking for. Maybe just maybe one day, my blog will be about the happenings of me as Red Sox GM.

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Monday, November 21, 2005

Please pray

As I step back into the real world for a moment, I would like to ask everyone to include the families of the fallen officers of the Newington, CT police force in your prayers. Tonight, the 2nd officer in 11 months on the Newington Police force was shot and killed. To read more about the first, please click here.

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Rivalry Weekend Pranks

Well i passed this along (top half) to my friends at Deadspin and they decided not to use this one as there were alot of good sports stories out there this weekend. Anyways the picture to the left was a prank done by Virginia Tech fans the night before the annual Commonwealth Cup game held each year between Tech and the University of Virginia. Seems some unknown Virginia Tech fans snuck into Virginia's stadium and painted the T on the field next to the V on the field. My understanding of the situation was that it took the groundskeepers about 3 hrs to get the T completely off the field. Which in my experiences from working in minor league baseball leads me to believe that they tried to wash it off instead of going to get a few cans of Field Green paint and just spray painting over it. A good prank but not as classic as what some Yale students pulled off at least years Yale-Harvard game. That story is better left told by the website which you can get to by clicking the link above. Just think about people, these Yalies are going to be our future leaders of America. Somewhere in the US, George Bush is probably proud of his alma mater, Yale, for those of you who didn't know that.

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Friday, November 18, 2005

Attempted Murder on Radish

Ok this one was too good to pass up.  Radish in intensive care after murder attempt.  No, Radish is not the person’s last name but the rather the vegetable which we so enjoy in our salads.  

Seems a small town in Japan had a radish growing along the side of the road. Is this normal you ask, I would have to think having vegetation growing out of the road is normal yes but the townspeople admired the radish. It even had its own nickname, “Gutsy Radish”.  This radish was so popular that when news broke of the attempted murder of the radish, people were distraught.

Timeout here.  We are talking about a radish. The vegetable. Used in some in their salads, garnish on the table and other things. We aren’t talking about some guy with the last name of radish. This made the TV news in Japan.  Can you picture watching NBC Nightly news and the lead in story is “Radish in intensive care after murder attempt.”  Half the people watching the news would be like ummmm who’s this radish fellow. The other half would pay no mind to the plight of this radish. Would the networks be fighting for the TV rights of the radish’s struggles to make it back to life and/or movie rights?  Will Court TV send Diane Diamond to cover the trial?  Hey maybe when the radish is feeling up to it, Larry King can have him/her/it on the show. Or better yet, Geraldo can do an expose on the life of this radish and what led the person to try killing the radish.  The possibilities are endless.

I feel sorry for whoever tried to “murder the radish.”  The person will probably be hung. Think about, was this radish going to live a full life. Or was someone eventually going to get curious and see how it tasted.   I mean we are talking about a radish here.  Do we really care that someone tried to murder a radish?  If you answered yes, then you are just as crazy as the person who tried to murder the beloved radish.

I for one look forward to my next salad as I will be ordering one with extra radishes and of course balsamic vinegar.

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Red Sox general manager

The other day I was sitting at home and the phone rings. I look down at the caller ID and see its my mom calling so I answer it figuring she's got something to nag me about now. Turns out she called me because she thinks I would be a great candidate to replace Theo Epstein as general manager of the Boston Red Sox. She did make some valuable arguments as to why I could be GM. I am a lifelong die-hard member of Red Sox nation(I got the card to prove it). I do have my degree in Sports Management and I also have 10 years experience of working in minor league baseball. She told me I should write a letter to Larry Lucchino and tell him I want to be a candidate for the GM position. She goes just tell him that you will do whatever he wants that he can run the team and you will just be his puppet. She also said with my vast baseball knowledge I might actually get along with Bill James, the special consultant to the Red Sox, who is also a stat guy. Sorry mom but I am not that big of a nerd although some(and you know who you are) would disagree with that.

Can you imagine me as GM of the Red Sox negotiating Caveman's contract or helping Francona make roster decisions?And the main question I would have, would I still be able to do fantasy baseball. Is that considered gambling? Would I be blackballed from baseball if I still did fantasy baseball? Would I win my league for once because I had inside information?

So when I apply for this position, should I make demands. Since half of my friends are Sox fans, do i ask for season tickets for them. Or do i ask for my own personal skybox to be built on the green monster since we enjoy the view from there. If I were to be Larry's puppet what do I demand for salary and will I really have to talk to the media. Or can I just send them an email.

Given my circumstances right now, theres no reason why I can't apply for the job. So this afternoon, I will update my resume and formally make my pitch to be the next general manager of the Boston Red Sox. It's not like anyone else wants the position anyways.

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first post

Well let me start out by saying, this will be my first post with my blog. A lot of people have been telling me that I should write a blog about my take on some sports issues.  One of my friends has told me I should take some of the stories from deadspin and put my own take on them or expand them.  Others have told me that I would be good at this from the commentaries I wrote on our softball site.  So I have finally decided to take a little time out of my busy day(LOL) and let the world know what I think. I do hope you enjoy my take on sports and news of the weird.  

If anyone knows how to post pictures that can go next to the words I would truly appreciate an email or a comment back telling me how to do this as I am new to the world of blogging.    

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